SopCast Features

SopCast Technical Features:

  • Advanced P2P engineering. Share data among all users accessing the stream and increase stability and availability.
  • Quick buffering usually between 11-29 seconds, minimal delays.
  • Supporting industry standard streaming media files such as: asf, wmv, rm, rmvb, mp3, etc.
  • Low cpu usage and memory footprint.
  • Simple use with standard channel URL: Simply access sop:// + URL address and click & play.
  • Analysis and monitoring of stream source quality and network stability to help viewers select a optimal channel.
  • Ability to embed the SopPlayer on websites or software programs.
  • The SopPlayer and SopServer run both on Windows & Linux
  • This software is freeware and does not have adware or spyware.
  • Instantly record clips while you watch.
  • Works with your favorite player, such as Real Player, Windows Media Player, VLC, etc.
  • Authentication support for broadcasters as well as viewers. Broadcaster have full control of it’s channels.
  • High penetration rates – Over 90% of P2P barriers.
  • Broadcast yourself with your own channel management.
  • Many available real time streams as well as support for other stream transport protocols (stp).
  • Overall node to node security offering encrypted messaging, high-level P2P security.
  • Broadcast multiple channels with the same server.
    ( 5-9 channels / broadcasts per PC).