Guide to using SopCast

This is a quick start guide to using SopCast for first time users, and should help you to get up and running and watching Sports online with the minimum of fuss.

 The step by step guide below will explain how to watch Premiership football, or any other big sporting event, for free. We also have a video tutorial to watching football and sport using SopCast here:

Step 1: Download Sopcast

SopCast is the best P2P application to use for watching Football and sports online as the interface and operating instructions are all thankfully in English
To download go to the SopCast site or use the latest links provided here: The latest version is SopCast 3.0.3 and can be found at the link listed above.
A word of warning, the download can often take some time to grab, so allow plenty of time to install and test it out, before a football game kicks off.

Step 2: Install SopCast

Once you have the zip file on your PC unpack it with Winzip or Winrar to a directory of your choice (or to your desktop), and run Setup-SopCast-version.exe to setup with default choices. The WebPlayer will be installed automatically also.

Step 3: Using SopCast

Using SopCast is easy. The first time you run SopCast it will ask you to login. Just select ‘Login as anoymous’ and ‘Auto login on this computer’  – see the screenshot below,  and then click ‘Login’.
Note: Logging in as ‘anonymous’ allows you to watch football (which is what most people use SopCast for). If you actually wanted to broadcast an event you would be required to login properly.

SopCast login screen


Step 4: Finding Channels and Watching Games

Once you’ve logged into SopCast ignore the ‘Home’ tab and click on the ‘Channels’ tab. See screenshot below:

SopCast channel select

SopCast channel select

The channels are grouped by category and ‘Sports Channels’ are usually listed at the top.
To start a channel all you need to do is simply double click on the channel and the stream will begin. Easy! Don’t worry if streams don’t start instantly – wait a couple of minutes, be patient, make a drink – the stream will start
Note: The numbers next to the title of each channel indicates the number of peers actually streaming the channel – where possible, you should select channels that have a higher number of peers, as the stream will be far superior.
Note: When first starting a stream the picture quality and smoothness of the stream may stutter – you don’t need to do anything, as you automatically connect to more peers the stream rate and quality will improve (this should only take a couple of minutes and the SopCast software does this automatically).
There are a few options to help you find channels. One of the most effective ways to enjoy football and other sports for free, is to have a schedule of what games or events are on, and what channels they are being shown on. There are a number of sites on the web that list schedules, such as:

Most of these sites will have full fixture lists, with a link that you simply click on to open the stream in the SopCast software.

Step 5: Using the SopCast player

Games can be watched in the SopCast window, or alternatively you can click the button situated at the bottom right of the player that allows the stream to be opened in Windows Media Player. Once there, you can use the Windows Media Player’s usual controls to watch the game in full screen mode.