What is SopCast?

SopCast is a piece of software available for free download that allows the user to watch sportsSopCast is a simple, free way to broadcast video and audio or watch the video and listen to radio on the Internet. Adopting P2P (Peer-to-Peer) technology, it is very efficient and easy to use.

Basically any individual can be a broadcaster and let others access the content that they choose to stream. SopCast enables all this without the burden of needed a poweful server and huge bandwidth. After downloading the free software you can build your own TV stations comparable with large commercial sites with minimal resources, or access and watch those that others choose to broadcast. You only need to create and account with SopCast if you want to actually distribute content, anonymous users can simply login and choose to watch the content available.

SopCast has become a major hub for accessing and watching sports that would otherwise require satellite dishes or subscriptions to a provider. In fact SopCast is best known for mainly showing live foortball games from the Premiership and around the world, but there are hundreds of other sports available such as Motorsports, UFC, American Football, Cricket, Tennis, Boxing etc…SopCast is usually a good way to watch big boxing bouts for free, that are usually ‘pay per view’ on regular satellite providers TV channels.

What is the picture quality like?

Picture quality is usually very good, but in general it depends on the person broadcasting. The more people that watch a particular channel at the same time the quicker the download speed will be and as a result the channels will be a lot clearer and smoother. The benefit of using SopCast is that it is so popular now and widely used that there is never a shortage of people using it around the world, so streaming for the most part remains stable – it has been reporting that some Football games broadcast via SopCast can attract an audience of half a million viewers.

Where can I get SopCast?

The following links are locations that SopCast can be downloaded from. These links have been tested and approved:

Latest Version:
  Download SopCast version 3.0.3 (source:

  Download SopCast version 3.0.3 (source:

Earlier Versions:
 Download SopCast version 2.0.4 (source:
Other SopCast download locations:

Sopcast 3.0.3 (Myp2p)
Sopcast 3.0.3 Myp2p Mirror
Sopcast 3.0.3 Official (1) 
Sopcast 3.0.3 Official (2) 
Sopcast 3.0.3 Official (3) 
Sopcast 3.0.3 Official (4) 
Sopcast Webplayer 3.0.3 
X Sopcast Old (1.1.2) 
X Sopcast Old (2.0.4) 
X Sopcast Old (3.0.0)
X Sopcast Old (3.0.1)

SopCast Guide:

Before downloading, read our guide to setting up and using SopCast: Using SopCast