Watch football highlights online with FootyTube

Written by admin on October 19th, 2008

FootyTube is a site with content generated by the community. Fans will actively search the internet for highlights, goals, and football updates of the days games. When clips and videos are found they are uploaded as a blog entry and organised by game. Its a useful site to find highlights, but you won’t be able to stream any full games or watch anything live. The screenshot below shows you what you can expect from the hompage.

All streaming football highlights are hosted on the site, or linked off to via partners, so theres no software for the user to install – simply click and play the football highlights that you want. As the name suggests, think ‘youtube for football’ and you’ll be pretty close to what Footy Tube is all about.

The downsides are that some clips that are no longer available are not updated, so sometimes you’ll find highlights or goals that you want to stream, the site will look like the content is available – but when you click on it you get a message stating that the content is no longer available or has been taken down – which can be frustrating.

Overall its a good option though for watching streaming highlights of the day’s games. The leagues covered include English Premier League, Serie A, Spanish Primera, Champions League and much more.


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